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Open casting call for actors/actrices - Hotel Wonderland

For a bi-lingual immersive theater production on location taking place in The Netherlands, we are looking for DUTCH actors with a proficiency in English, as well as ENGLISH native speaking actors. Hotel Wonderland concerns an interactive play including direct contact with guests (audience) and plenty of improvisation. Candidates will be extensively screened for these qualities in the second round of auditions and therefore have to be comfortable with improvisation and audience interaction.The casting procedure will take place in English. The auditions will take place in The Netherlands.



Amsterdam area, Netherlands

Run Dates:

Rehearsals will start August 16th 2021 (subject to change). Six month contract with possibility to renew. 4 Shows a week on average.


We are looking for:

·       Richard - Male, 55-65. Richard goes in and out of lucidity as he deals with early onset Alzheimer’s. When lucid, he is grumpy and aggravated. When not lucid, he is calmer, more agreeable, and has a cheerful disposition. 

·       Gus - Male, 35-45. Loyal and laid back, Gus wears his heart on his sleeve. He is currently ignoring the fact that his husband, Henry, has recently asked him for a divorce and has moved out. He is certain that Henry will come to his senses and come home.

·       Silas - Male, 18-24. Silas was separated from his family as a young boy and has lived in the woods ever since. He is smart and scrappy, although he is no longer verbal (he doesn’t speak). This is a non-speaking role for a dancer. Clowning (mime) experience and stage combat experience is a plus.

·       Dex - Male, 30-40.Dex is quirky and smart, and very particular. He lives his life by the routines he's created for himself and hasn’t yet realized that his routines have been holding him back. He is in love with a barista, but has not yet found the courage to tell her.

·       Bram - Male, 20-30. Bram is charming and scrappy. He is an expert in sleight of hand and is a petty thief. He lives his life fast and loose and wants to have fun without any consequences. Stage combat and sleight of hand experience is a plus.

·       Kees - Male, 30-50. Kees is a recluse. He prefers to live on his own, away from noise. He is very in tune with nature and has a penchant for meditation. Dance/movement training is a plus.

·       Imara - Female, 50-65. Imara is a saleswoman. Flashy, and a show woman, she loves to interact with people and provide them with excellent customer service. She is fearful that she is getting aged out at her job and is resentful that people have begun to treat her differently as she ages. Singing is required for this role.

·       Briony - Female, 20-30. Briony, a medical student, has recently found out that her mother has Alzheimer’s. As an only child who lost her father at a young age, she is struggling with losing her mother so soon as well. She must make a difficult decision in either using her savings to save their family’s flower shop or use her savings to pay for the rest of her schooling. A Dancer/strong mover is required for this role.

·       Beatrix - Female, 30-40.Beatrix is fabulous and a gossip. She is the life of the party… When she wants to be. She has long stifled her quirky side in lieu of being proper and classy, which has left her bored and unsatisfied in life.

·       Marian - Female, 35-45. Marian is a librarian. She loves her patrons/customers and they love her. She loves to have conversations with people and is generally very bright and warm in disposition.

·       Mazu - Female, 25-40. Mazu is inquisitive, thoughtful, and lovely. She owns a shop that only deals in trading, rather than currency. She is interested in things that have meaning and is a great storyteller. Ability to carry a tune is a plus.

·       Pan - Male/Female/Non-binary, 30-40. Pan is a shapeshifter. They are a key-figure in the larger narrative. They are intuitive, quick-witted, and sharp. Their job is to help people find their path and they ‘show up’ as whoever they need to be to encourage visitors to continue on their journey. 


Important notice:

Hotel Wonderland and Cinereal Productions (Equal Opportunity Employer) celebrate diversity throughout all of our projects, understanding that representation matters. All gender identities will be considered for all roles regardless of what is stated in the character breakdown.


Submission Instructions:

Please email your headshot, resume and the name of the character you would like to audition for, before June 15th to:


Hotel Wonderland



After your application you will receive a response including a script for the appropriate character and further instructions.


For more information check www.hotelwonderland.nl